Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February 2017

We finally got our new deck/outdoor kitchen and are taking full advantage of it. 
School pic
Super Bowl party buds
Delaney getting ready for her big night at the daddy daughter dance 
Tennis has started again!
Delaney and her best friend, Stella!
A relaxing day started off at panera bread. 
Cinderella ballet!






















Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sam Nolan's surprise bday breakfast

We surprised SN with a birthday with 2 sweet baseball friends 
He had the time of his life. 
Happy boy!












Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sam Nolan's Most Favorite Present for 5 year old birthday

All he wanted for his bday was to go to his first Monster truck rally...
Of course, in AL, it snows in January. So we book a hotel the night before the snow was supposed to hit. We took Delaney to my parents and took SN all by himself to have fun.
Nothing was open for lunch, except  Mugshots (which locked its doors while we and two other people were eating).
We waited on the snow...
And waited some more. All while in a tiny room. Good thing we brought his glove and tennis ball to throw/catch and an iPad. And food.
For dinner, only pub food was available. We saw tons of kids there, though!
So, we celebrated with some drinks (no, he didn't drink the beer).
Riding on elevator and pressed buttons made for a happy boy!
Picture of Delaney at my parents they sent me. 
The monster truck jam was cancelled at the last minute, so they only let in a couple of people (mostly crazies) and those who braved the icy roads (one drive 6 hours!!) into the pit party. 
We saw all the big trucks and met ALL the drivers!!!
He had the best time and didn't even know we didn't see the jam. Sweet boy!!
Party on, Sam Nolan!!!