Wednesday, February 21, 2018


It’s getting warmer and we are finally making an appearance into the world again. Flu season is ALMOST behind us, thank goodness it hasn’t hit us!! SN had his friend, Ross, over after baseball/basketball Saturday. They had so much fun changing the characters and costumes on Mario!
Love these boys and their friendship!
Delaney joined Eric and I on our Valentine’s date! Yummy Perry’s!
CeCe is ready for baseball season! She has started doing this when I give her a paci. She touches it, pulls it out, then puts it back in. :)
Funny buddy!
This is what life oooms like a lot these days. I just wanted to document that. :)Since awake time is a lot more often than not, these two have become my chaos coordinators and like to sit and watch Mommy do chores around the house. Watching me do dishes. 
Watching me eat lunch.
Just watching.
Watching each other. 
Watching me sing in the shower.
And then I just had to share this little rat tail for CeCe. 😎 Eric threatens to snip it off all the time. Not. Going. To. Happen. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018

It is the first one for CeCe and Shep, so I couldn’t resist doing a photo session with kisses. I only did Shep since I was afraid the lipstick might aggravate CeCe’s skin. 
He’s saying, “I’m your Valentine??!!” 
“I’m a cute one!”
“Yes, I am!”
“YEEEEESSSS, I’m the cutest thing ever!!”
❤️❤️😍😍😘😘 My heart may burst!!! 
This morning, I made Delaney and Sam Nolan heart waffles (or what resembles them maybe) with pink whipped cream. 
Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Nashville Trip- Part 3

We met the boys for some yummy pizza after our spa visit.
Or salad and beer, since Delaney always steals the food after she tries something new...and never likes it.
One of our new faves in Nashville is Rocket Fizz Candy Shop. They had so many unique candies, and we bought every taffy they had to try. Plus a few more yummies.we had a taste test when we came back to the room. So much fun trying all the new flavors and seeing if we could guess what they were.
We can’t come to Nashville and not get a new cowboy hat. This time we got a belt buckle, too. :)
We came back to hotel to relax and snack and listen to live music by this wonderful guy behind Delaney. We sat and enjoyed each other without any baby cries or distractions. This was the best moment and highlight of the trip to Eric and me. Just being. To end the trip, they swam until they were too tired to think and then crashed after the long day. We had a wonderful time, but of course, half of my momma heart is missing and we are ready to be with our littlest loves at home. Can’t wait to bring them with us next time. :) 

Nashville Trip- Part 2

The whole reason for the trip was for this girl.
Her first ever concert to Grace Vanderwaal. It was a standing room only concert, so it was a little harder to see her, but we were super close and tried to stand as long as we could (2.5 hours BEFORE the concert even started + 1.5 concert was NOT the most pleasant experience). BUT we made it!The next day, we had much deserved pedicures at the spa. :)

Nashville Trip- part 1

We came to Nashville and immediately ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids LOVE this place and it’s hard not to smile at the make believe animals that come to life. :)
Then we checked in to our hotel! The Opryland hotel is so much fun!
First on the list, swimming. A lot of it.